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EntirePro Descaler Limescale Remover Concentrate 5 Litre

5 Litre(s)

Specially formulated catering descaler has a pink colour and is low odour and can dissolve limescale in minutes.

  • Professional catering Descaler
  • Removes limescale build up in minutes
  • Dilute before use


EntirePro Concentrate Descaler & Limescale Remover 5 Litre. Professional catering descaler for all types of appliance and catering equipment including water boilers, kettles & commercial dishwashers. Fast acting formula dissolves limescale in minutes, leaving your equipment completely descaled.

Easy to use pink effervescent formula with low odour, produces bubbles when dissolving limescale. Suitable for use on all appliances and safe for use when hot or cold. Simply dilute the concentrated formula as required and apply.

  • Suitable for all appliances including water boilers, kettles & dishwashers
  • Pink low odour formula
  • Bubbles when dissolving limescale
  • For hot or cold use

Directions for Use

Ideal for treatment of catering appliances such as kettles, bain-maries, water boilers etc. simply fill the equipment at required dilution and leave it until bubble generation subsides. 

Also ideal for spray & soak treatment of fixtures and fittings such as bathroom, wash areas, shower heats etc. 

For soak or spray applications, use at a 1-10% dilution depending on the level of limescale and hardness of water. 

For boiling out applications, use at a 1:16 ratio and leave until bubble generation subsides.

Always rinse well before using appliance.

When using on ceramics and stainless-steel surfaces wipe over with a strong solution of descaler. On toilets, sinks and urinals use neat. All operations should be thoroughly rinsed several times afterwards with clean water. Safe for use on plastics.


  • MPN: EP054
  • Capacity: 5 Litre(s)
  • Chemical Type: Ready to use liquid
  • Packaging Type: Jerry Can


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