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EntirePro Thick Toilet Cleaner Gel 5 Litre

5 Litre(s)

Designed to remove limescale, foul odours and dissolve organic matter.

  • Strong acidic based cleaner sanitiser
  • Removes limescale, foul odours and dissolve organic matter
  • Kills all bacteria and germs


Thick Toilet Cleaner Gel 5 Litre. Toilet cleaner and Descaler with 3 in 1 action, cleans, freshens and shines toilet surfaces. Featuring an extra-thick acid based formula to dissolve limescale and organic matter fast. Sparkling clean toilet surface in just 1 application. Cleans and disinfects to kill 99.99% bacteria, leaving a long lasting fresh lemon fragrance. Bulk buy toilet cleaner gel in 5 litre bottles

  • Fresh lemon fragrance

Directions for Use

Ideal for toilets and flush urinals where regular use is required for hygiene purposes. EntirePro Toilet Cleaner Descaler is safe on all toilet surfaces including porcelain and stainless steel. Leave to stand once applied.


  • MPN: EP042
  • Capacity: 5 Litre(s)
  • Chemical Type: Ready to use liquid
  • Packaging Type: Jerry Can


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